Can I Become an Accountant Without a Degree?

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Accountants can come from any educational background, whether you have a degree under your belt or not. While some will be training to be an accountant full-time, others may be gathering some skills together to run a small business. In this article, we are going to be discussing what skills or qualifications you will need to become a qualified accountant.

Even though a degree or specific A-Levels aren’t always necessary, English and Maths skills are massively important when it comes to accounting. However, if you do have the qualifications to become an accountant, you will be shortening the process of learning what it takes. Yes, a degree gives you the knowledge but you will need to find a reliable company to teach you the practical skills that will drive you to success.

The minimum qualification you will need to kickstart your successful accounting career is an AAT qualification which stands for Association of Accounting Technicians. This is the perfect way to start if you’re new to this field and this program can take you all the way to level 4 qualifications which are almost the same as completing a year at university.

Level 2 consists of introducing and understanding the idea of the accounting equation, learning about bookkeeping, the basics of accounting in business, and so much more. This level helps you learn the foundations of what it takes to become a successful accountant.

Level 3 of the AAT program is an advanced diploma. Level 3 introduces the usefulness of spreadsheets, ethics within an accountant’s profession, building upon your knowledge and skills from the second level, and more.

The final part of the Association of Accounting Technicians course is all about using your previously learned skills from the other levels and using those to look at financial accounts for LTD companies, you will also be asked to select a unit whether this be either tax or cash flow related.

Your final project will be surrounding everything you have learned during the course and how you will use those skills in a real-life working environment.

After you have completed all 4 levels of this course, you will have earned the full AAT qualification and you can now use the full MAAT abbreviation after your name. With this certification, you will notice that a world full of further accounting opportunities can be found.

This is just a small insight into the process of becoming an accountant.

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