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Do I need an accountant if I am self-employed

You’ve got your business and have finally taken the plunge and hired some staff to help alleviate some pressure. You know you need to sort out their payroll, but you’re unsure of how to do this and what you need from your employees. MCC Accountants can help, in this article we’ll run through some points you need to remember and what we’ll need from you to ensure everything runs smoothly come the end of the month.

MCC Accountants are based in Manchester, and we help businesses in the Northwest with all things accounting and bookkeeping. We are delighted to help those who need guidance in different ways, whether it’s ad-hoc advice, self-assessments or a full accounting or bookkeeping service. Our payroll services are there for those who want to get set up properly from the get-go and have all the checks done for them. It’s important to ensure that you are complying with various tax regulations and that you know what is being paid in tax and wages to your staff each month so you can keep on top of your accounts.

With a payroll service, we ask that you provide us the hours or rates that the employee has worked each month, or their yearly salary and tax code so we can do the rest. There is very little else for you to do, we can help with wage slips, student loan deductions, pension reductions and a whole lot more. Everything we do is to help you get more time back, work on your business and know that the payroll is dealt with every month. We work with you to ensure that everything is processed in a timely manner and will advise the cut-offs that we work towards for any paperwork we need.

At MCC Accountants, we are dedicated to helping our customers keep on top of their business finances and having a fully managed payroll system and service is going to benefit you. We’ll be able to provide reports on tax, payroll outgoings, pension contributions and help you understand any legal or compliance issues you may have.

Talk to our fantastic team at MCC Accountants today to discuss your payroll requirements and we can help get you set up in no time.



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