What Training and Qualifications Do You Need to Become an Accountant? 

Accountancy is a great sector to choose for your career, the job is a great experience, and you can learn lots of new skills. There are so many misconceptions and myths surrounding the accountancy training, in this article, we are going to be busting those myths and telling you exactly what qualifications and training you need to become an accountant. Continue reading to find out more… 

The first myth about accounting is that you must have top-grade math grades and a top degree. This isn’t necessarily true. Yes, you need to be good with numbers, but you don’t need a degree unless an academic route is the road you want to follow. If you want to take the education route, there are lots of different accountancy courses and other subjects you can take to qualify! 

If you choose the academic route, the grades required are: 

  • GCSEs or equivalent – Grade 4/C or above, this includes Maths and English 
  • A-Levels or equivalent- Grade A’s and B’s  
  • Degree- 2:1  

Some firms have now moved away from these requirements but it’s always helpful to have these just in case some accountancy firms require these grades. All accountancy firms still search for candidates who are passionate, hardworking, have a positive attitude, skills, and of course, some accountancy experience is always a bonus. 

When having a browse through different degrees in accountancy, make sure to notice which courses will include or offer a placement year meaning you can study while gaining experience. This way you can accelerate your experience process and there could even be a job offer at the placement company for you when you graduate! 

If you decide that an accountancy degree in particular isn’t for you and you would prefer to get a degree in something else that would be beneficial, you could always opt for mathematics, languages, business studies, economics, and much more. It is worth taking some time to research the best alternatives for you. 

However, if you decide that education is no longer for you and you would like to delve straight into work, why not opt for an apprenticeship? This way you are introducing yourself to the world of work and you are learning along the way. Junior roles are another thing that are great starters in accounting.  

There are professional accounting exams you take, and this will depend on what field of accounting you want to pursue. There are lots of different guides to give you a clearer idea of what the exams will be and the different fields there are in the accounting industry. 

Here at MCC Accountants, we are a team of dedicated and knowledgeable experts who are always happy to help whether it’s a simple question or a business enquiry. For more information about our accountant services in Manchester, visit our website or contact us today to speak to one of our fantastic accountants. 



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