Your insurer says you’re not covered?


Business Interruption Insurance Claims 

  • Your insurer says you’re not covered.
  • The Government says that you are covered.
  • Your insurance brokers say they don’t know.
  • There is so much contradictory information out there, how do you find out?
  • How much could you possibly claim?
  • Will your claim be successful? 

We have recently established our business interruption claims service to help companies like yours. We were motivated by the potential injustice of seeing clients paying premiums in good faith, then seeing good businesses and people fail through no fault of their own. We have worked on, in and for many businesses just like yours and we are ready and waiting to help you too.

We are forensic accountants so we have the resources to handle many hundreds of cases and provide a properly regulated service. 

In most cases our fees can be included in the claim so there is no cost to you. We avoid unnecessary frills, use digital automation where possible and focus on getting results for you as quickly as we can.

FREE no obligation review to see if you have a valid claim

We want to help you and your business get the benefits you expected from your business insurance, to help you survive the Covid 19 crisis and rebuild beyond it.

We are experts in the business insurance interruption sector with experience helping businesses get their claims paid – often when insurers have rejected claims or when cover had not been set up properly.

Fast track your claim by registering with us and we will then contact you to discuss how we can help you complete a successful claim 

Please contact us at MCC Accountants 0161 707 1500  or e-mail Pete Conaghan directly at 



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