Company Support

Company Secretarial

Our company secretarial services include dealing with annual returns, director appointments and resignations, the maintenance and completion of statutory books, the filing of financial accounts and other general compliance matters. We also advise on directors’ statutory duties as appropriate.

Litigation & Support Services

We are able provide first class support to both clients and solicitors in this specialist area. We provide a service which is supported by the appropriate experts, effective in producing clear and concise evidence and capable of working alongside other advisors. Specialist areas include valuation of unquoted shares and businesses, reports on ‘real earnings’, partnership disputes, apportionment of partnership assets, goodwill and loss of profits claims.

Business Rescue, Recovery & Insolvency Studies

This process involves seeking an informal arrangement with the Inland Revenue for unpaid PAYE, thereafter, a formal Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) and, if this is not successful, recommended a Creditors Voluntary Liquidation (CVL).

Strategic Corporate Planning

We can help you formulate a five year plan to help your business grow. Firstly the mission and objectives or “where the company wants to go?” will be determined and, thereafter, “where the company is?” can be established. A SWOT and value chain analysis is undertaken in this process. MCC will then develop a strategic choice map with suitable implementation plan.

Supply Chain Management & Six Sigma Studies

This involves tracking lead times and first pass yields of company processes from order acceptance to delivery.

Corporate Finance & Treasury Management

We have experience raising of long term and working capital requirements for businesses from shareholders and commercial banks. This involves preparing project reports, feasibility studies and the related secretarial work.