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The British Business Bank is a government owned business development bank that is dedicated to trying to make the financial market more accessible to small and medium sized businesses.

Most businesses will be looking for finance at some stage in their development and normally they will need it and many different times. So you may be looking to start up a new business, grow your current one or invest in a key piece of infrastructure.

The bank’s website has a number of helpful guides and tools so you can assess your best path to raising funds and the likely costs of those funds. The finance guide page highlights the type of funding available against the different reasons a business might be looking to raise some money.

There is also guidance on the pros and cons of equity funding against debt funding. The two business funding options are summarised below and should be discussed with your accountant or financial advisor who can give you greater details.

“Equity financing is the raising of capital through the sale of shares in a business. Equity can be sold to third-party investors with no existing stake in the business. Alternatively, equity financing can be raised solely from existing shareholders, through something called a “rights issue”.

“Debt, in its simplest terms, is an arrangement between borrower and lender. A capital sum is borrowed from the lender on the condition that the amount borrowed is paid back in full either at a later date (a bullet repayment), multiple dates or over a period of time. Interest is accrued on the debt and the business’s repayment usually has an element of capital repayment and interest.”

So if you’re scratching your head and need some advice on the best way forward MCC would be  more than happy to have an initial discussion with you. Please drop us a line or give us a call,




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