Congratulations to Sue Stephens

Mistoria Group are delighted to be celebrating five years of great service at the company with Sue Stephens, Group Accountant this week.

Sue began her time with Mistoria by working in their accountancy practice MCC Accountants as an Assistant Accountant. After over three years with MCC she then moved on to become the Mistoria Group Accountant. Sue works closely with Mish Liyanage the Group’s CEO on all corporate financial matters. She also handles the financial reporting for several of the Groups’ companies.

Her hard work and dedication has been much appreciated by everyone at the company and Sue was awarded a certificate of appreciation and a gift.

Mish Liyanage commented “Sue is the 3rd employee to complete more than 5 years and has been a great asset to Mistoria ever since she arrived, and we thank her for her five years hard work and dedication. She has a been a pleasure to work with over this time and we look forward to working with her for many more years.”



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