25th July From 9:30 am until 4:30 pm.

We are having a FREE Open Day on Wednesday 25th July for all those looking for advice on starting a new business or going it alone as a self-employed contractorIf you are a new business, a contractor or someone who just needs a little help getting their head around HMRC regulations, drop in for some free advice from one of our qualified team of accountants.

Starting a business can be daunting but there is no need to panic. We can take you through the basics so that you can start in the right way and avoid any unnecessary expenses. It’s a free clinic and there’s no need to make an appointment you can just drop by.

We help hundreds of start-ups, small businesses and the Self Employed do their accounts and make their tax returns each year and can help you identify any issues you may have with your bookkeeping. As we do this day-in, day-out, we are familiar with just about every problem people throw at us. A short visit to our Salford office will be well worth the time, even if it is just to confirm  you have done everything correctly.

If you would like to set a specific time for your advice session then complete the form below and tell us when you are going to visit. You can also just drop in if you haven’t booked but there may be a small delay in seeing you if one of the team isn’t free when you arrive.

Remember there is no cost for this visit, it is a completely free service.


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