Four Tips to Follow for a Successful Start-Up In 2024 

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Having a successful start-up business can be daunting to begin with but with the right advice and support from professional accountants like our team here at MCC Accountants, you can be sure that you are on the right track to success. In 2024, we highly recommend kicking off the new year with organisation, passion, and commitment, to ensure that you have the maximum possibility to give your business the best chance of growth as it can. 

Achieving a successful start-up is difficult but it is not impossible, take a look below at some of our top tips for achieving a successful start-up business: 

Step One: Plan and Organise Well Ahead 

By following this first step, you can have a clearer idea and understanding of what you want to accomplish when beginning this new journey. Getting organised and planning for the future will also create a goal in itself along the way of creating bigger ones as you go along. Your organisation and plans should be clear and be understandable throughout your progress so you can refer and reflect on your growth. 

Step Two: Understand the Market and Sector You Are Working In 

If you already have an understanding of the sector and market you will be running your business in, then that is great! We highly recommend that you familiarise yourself with your sector and your target audience to ensure that you are available to answer queries from customers. Or even if you know of any major shifts or updates within the industry that is always beneficial knowledge to be aware of. 

Step Three: Find Your Unique Selling Point 

Step three is all about finding your unique selling point or what it is more commonly known as, your USP. Your unique selling point is what will set you apart from your competitors and drive clients and customers to your business. From a specific service or product to a member of staff that has unique business skills that others may not have. A notable example is TikTok, not a lot of companies offer this as it is fairly a new platform; this would be a unique selling point. 

Step Four: Hire a Team That Have a Strong Skillset to Your Business Sector 

Our next step is all about your team. Having a team that each have a unique and strong skillset that is relevant to your sector will allow your business to thrive. Look to hire members of staff that have experience in your industry whether it is marketing, retail, construction, and so on. This way, you have staff that can crack straight on with the work provided. 

Here at MCC Accountants, we offer a bespoke accounting service like no other. We have a wide range of clients for all different kinds of sectors and industries. This has led us to success, with our combined knowledge as a team, we have been named one of the leading chartered accounting practices in the Northwest. 

If you are looking for a reliable Manchester Accountant, then please make to contact us today. 



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