The Many Different Faces of Professional Accountancy

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Accountancy is a type of career that can be very rewarding and is an important area of any business or organisation. There are many different levels and types of accountancy, in this guide, we are going to be giving you some insight into accountancy and the different sectors. 

It is highly recommended that you understand the different areas of accounting and the differences, so make sure to continue reading on.


Bookkeepers tend to work within a company or directly for a private client. Bookkeeping is seen as the beginning stage of the accounting process. The typical tasks you will do as a bookkeeper are processing invoices and payments, balancing accounts, checking cash flow statements, filing documents, and doing VAT returns.

Management Accountant

A management accountant’s daily routine could include tasks such as monitoring financial planning, making and managing financial decisions, creating reports, working closely with senior leaders, creating strategies to increase the company’s shareholder value, and much more.

Payroll Manager

Payroll managers will often manage the work of the payroll department which can include tasks such as advising employment laws, giving tax and employment law advice, calculating salaries, and more. They also issue out BACS Payments to employees within the business and ensure that everyone is paid on time and correctly. This is a vital part of accounting because you have to follow the rules and regulations of the government legislation and make sure they protect the company.

In-House and Out-House Auditor

Auditors can work within the business or externally. Businesses will often need an auditor within the business to gather any financial statements or letters, give professional advice on tax or anything that employees need some financial advice on and much more. They also gather and inspect financial statements and highlight any risks or concerns that could impact the company’s income.

That’s just what an in-house auditor does, but an out-house auditor does the above plus they also review and report feedback on any in-house financial statements to ensure that they meet all the legal requirements. An external auditor can also provide advice on financial statements to the correct standard within accountancy.

Financial Accountant

Financial accounts are one of the most popular types of accountants. Their jobs consist of creating reports, recommending organisations for further accounting advice, they inspect financial records to gather information for reports and much more. Financial accountants also influence business profit by predicting how much money they can make. 

Tax Accountant

Our final type of accountancy for today is another popular one which is a Tax accountant. During your time as a tax accountant, you will complete tasks such as analysing records, researching tax legalities, making sure the company you’re working with are following all legal procedures, filing annual reports and accounts, and lots more. 

They also help the company plan and predict their financial performance and growth by making a strategy that includes everything they will need from how to minimise tax liability, guidance on VAT and providing professional advice for anything else they may need.

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