Starting up your New Business

Accountants for Startups

If you are thinking of starting up a business or if you have already taken the plunge, your accountant is going to be one of your key advisors as you develop your business. MCC are specialist accountants for startups and have helped many local businesses take the plunge and set up their new business.

A good accountant can be the difference between success and failure as they are there to help you run a financially sound business and to comply with all current legislation. Advice taken early as you create your business can often help you avoid problems later on.

We have worked with many of our clients from the very start so are well aware of the challenges you will face. It is important for us that your business thrives so we want to help you be as successful as possible, as quickly as possible.

If you are at the very beginning then we can assist you in the best way to structure your business.... Sole Partnership or Limited Company? We will talk you through all of the options.

If you have already started and need some help in the next stages of development then we can give you that help.

MCC have been working as small business accountants in Manchester and Salford for many years so are well placed to help you make the right decisions.

Ensuring you comply with current legislation whilst setting up and running your own business can also be challenging. MCC Accountants have a wide range of services to help you, including:

  • Business plans and HMRC registration for start-ups
  • Accounting system advice and bookkeeping
  • National Insurance Contributions
  • VAT registration and returns
  • Financial reviews and management accounts

Please give us a call or drop us an email and we would be happy to arrange a meeting or to answer any questions you may have.

We understand that complying with the forever changing legislation of the Companies Act can fast become a drain on your available resources, not to mention the personal time and effort it takes just to maintain awareness of how the changes could personally affect you and your fellow directors. This regularly encountered problem is magnified when you come to realise how all this lost time and inefficiency could be affecting your financial performance.

If only you could make more time to drive the business and ensure your goals and targets are hit and even exceeded.

As we all know….time waits for no man. However, by partnering with MCC Accountants and availing yourself of our expert services, you could soon realise that it is actually possible for you to get that time back as you get to finalise that elusive contract, more time equates to more opportunities and better future planning.

MCC Accountants can give you complete peace of mind

Our company secretarial services include:

  • Company formations.
  • Director Appointments & Resignations.
  • Directors Statutory Duties.
  • Preparation, maintenance and filing of statutory returns.
  • Preparation of all documentation related to minutes and resolutions.
  • Maintenance of statutory books.
  • General advice on company law and compliance.

So if you are based in Salford, Manchester or any part of Greater Manchester we would be more than happy to quote you for help with your company secretarial tasks and duties.

We are based in Salford and have been in operation for more than 10 years, helping small businesses just like yours get their paperwork in order and keeping you compliant with legislation.

Please use our contact page to call or drop us a line and we will get right back to you.

accountants for startups